The superior quality rice produced in this plant is enjoying good demand in domestic as well as overseas market. Quality is the source of life at Aiswaria Agro Mills. Its the quality of our products which has make us one of leading company in our field. We have installed advance technology machineries in our plant. The unit will have its own facility for boiling and drying of paddy. The modern Milling system will have the facility to remove all unnecessary particle such as dust, mud, chaff, broken rice, black rice, husk, bran etc from rice and the pure rice will have good taste and attractive look. These modern technologies can also save labor charge. The facilities help to add the value of the product.

The rice whitener incorporates advanced techniques for whitening of brown rice. It uses the vertical abrasive grinding wheel top to bottom working principle. The rice is whitened very gently between grinding wheel & screen without distracting the original shape of rice kernel. A specially designed aspiration system takes away the bran produced during whitening process. This vertical rice whitening machine is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting degree of whiteness. The accurate and precise assembly techniques ensure lowest broken content

MILLTEC Water Jet (Silky) Polisher machine is used for polishing the rice surface by spraying water through the mixing chamber and by creating friction among rice grains using Milling Rollers. The weight controlled outlet of the polisher controls the retaining time of kernels inside the milling chamber. The water Jet (Silky) polisher produces rice grains with a shiny surface finish.

Buhler's Destoner is employed for the efficient removal of stones, glass and other high-density matter from the grain stream. The throughput capacities vary according to product and degree of contamination. This machine is most accepted machine throughout the India due to its high destoning performance, low power consumption and trouble free operation. This machine can remove the the stoner which has the similar size with the paddy. The unique structure of the sieve can save wind more efficiently. The negative pressure raises little dust.